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I Got Love was produced by Gulf Coast Records guitarist and co-owner Mike Zito and features a stellar cast of musicians backing Albert Castiglia (guitar and vocals): Ephraim Lowell (drums and) vocals; Justine Tompkins (bass and vocals); and Lewis Stephens (Hammond B3 organ and piano).

The new album, which showcases 11 blistering, blues-drenched tracks, is a personal and powerful statement from Castiglia. “I Got Love is a musical essay documenting the last two years of my life: two years of many highs and lows,” Castiglia offers.”


Albert Castiglia - I Got Love - Track Listing and Credits


1. I Got Love – by Albert Castiglia, Ephraim Lowell, Justine Tompkins

2. Don’t Pray with the Devil - by Albert Castiglia, Ephraim Lowell, Justine Tompkins

3. Burning Bridges – by Albert Castiglia

4. Sanctuary - Albert Castiglia, Guy Hale

5. Double Down - by Albert Castiglia

6. Long Haul Daddy - by Albert Castiglia

7. What’s Wrong With You? – by Albert Castiglia, Mike Zito

8. Depression Blues – by Melvin Taylor

9. Freedomland - Albert Castiglia

10. You Don’t Know Hell – by Albert Castiglia, Mike Zito

11. Take My Name Out Of Your Mouth – by Albert Castiglia


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