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Righteous Souls CD

Righteous Souls CD

Expected to Ship In July

Righteous Souls Track Listing and Credits

  •  Centerline ft. Popa Chubby (written by Albert Castiglia)
  •  Get Down to the Nitty Gritty ft. Alabama Mike (written by Luther ‘Snake Boy’ Johnson)
  •  Mama, I Love You ft. Kevin Burt (written by Albert Castiglia, Kevin Burt and Jerry Jemmott)
  •  You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover ft. Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram & Rayne Castiglia (written by Willie Dixon)
  •  All Our Past Times ft. Danielle Nicole & Joe Bonamassa (written by Richard Danko and Eric Clapton)
  •  Till They Take It Away ft. Ally Venable( written by Albert Castiglia)
  •  Come On In This House ft. Rick Estrin (written by Amos Blakemore)
  •  You Were Wrong ft. Jimmy Carpenter (written by Arzell Hill)
  •  The Dollar Done Fell ft. Josh Smith (written by Buddy Guy)
  • No Tears Left to Cry ft. Gary Hoey  (written by Albert Castiglia)
  • What My Mama Told Me ft. Rick Estrin & Monster Mike Welch (written by Amos Blakemore)



Albert Castiglia - Vocals and Guitar

Jerry Jemmott - Bass

Jim Pugh - Keyboards

Derrick D’Mar Martin - Drums

Kid Andersen - Guitar, Keys, and Bass

Lisa ‘Little Baby’ An

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