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Wild and Free - CD

Wild and Free - CD


Wild and Free, was recorded live at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Florida. This in your face live performance captures the energy and guitar mastery that Castiglia shares with his audiences each time he takes the stage. With special guests Mike Zito, John Ginty, and Lewis Stephens this is THE live album Castiglia fans have been waiting for! Wild and Free has everything blues fans are looking for… great songs …guitar virtuosity… and the raw power and emotion behind Castiglia’s live performances.

1. Big Dog
2. Hoodoo On Me
3. I Been Up All Night
4. Heavy
5. Get Your Ass In The Van
6. Searching The Desert For The Blues
7. Keep On Swinging
8. Too Much Seconal
9. Loving Cup
10. I Tried To Tell Ya
11. Boogie Funk

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