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Multi-Blues Music Award-Winner Albert Castiglia Assembles All-Star Cast of Righteous Souls on His New Gulf Coast Records Release,


Special Guests Include Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith, Danielle Nicole,

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Popa Chubby, Ally Venable, Kevin Burt, Monster Mike Welch, Gary Hoey, Rick Estrin, Jimmy Carpenter and Alabama Mike

Press Release: 5/20/2023

NEDERLAND, TEXAS – Fresh  from winning another Blues Music Award at the recent festivities in Memphis for “Best Blues Rock Album” as a member of the “Blood Brothers,”  along with labelmate Mike Zito, Albert Castiglia comes out guitar-slinging on his new solo Gulf Coast Records album,  Righteous Souls, set for release on July 19th. Gulf Coast will release the new album’s first single, “Centerline,” featuring Popa Chubby (along with single and album digital pre-orders at all digital outlets), on June 14; to be followed by “Mama I Love You,” featuring Kevin Burt, on June 28; and “You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover,” featuring Christone ”Kingfish” Ingram and Rayne Castiglia, on July 12th.


"During last year’s ‘Blood Brothers’ tour, Mike Zito informed me that it was time for me to do another solo album,” explains Albert Castiglia about the new album’s genesis. “At that moment, I felt I was ill prepared for the task. I had been constantly touring with Mike for the last two years, doing very little writing, so I didn’t have a lot of original material. My last two studio albums were quite thematic. With Masterpiece, the album centered around the discovery of my daughter. I Got Love was fueled by my life during the pandemic of 2020. What would be the thing that fuels the next one? It concerned me because if I’m not living the songs, it’ll never work. It had to mean something to me. Mike suggested we make it an album with guests, my friends so to speak. I was concerned my friends wouldn’t have time to devote to the project. I was wrong, so wrong. Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith, Kevin Burt, Gary Hoey, Ally Venable, Popa Chubby, Rick Estrin, Kid and Lisa Andersen, Alabama Mike, Jimmy Carpenter, Kingfish Ingram, Danielle Nicole, Monster Mike Welch, Jerry Jemmott, D-Mar Martin, Jon Otis, Jim Pugh and others stepped up for me. My daughter Rayne even participated, which was the cherry on top. Suddenly, the theme became clear. It’s about friends and family. It’s about Righteous Souls.”


“I think Righteous Souls is a big step forward artistically for my friend Albert Castiglia,” says Gulf Coast president Mike Zito. “His singing, the songs, and his guitar playing are highly elevated on this new album. It’s fantastic to watch Albert grow as an artist; he is one of a kind.”


The new album is chock-full of Albert Castiglia’s signature sounds: blistering guitar licks flavored with righteously-soulful vocals that send a powerful blues message. Along with a number of original songs,  Righteous Souls includes Castiglia’s takes on a batch of cover songs from Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton/Rick Danko and two written by his former boss and mentor, the late, great Junior Wells (“Come On In This House” and “What My Mama Told Me.”


Righteous Souls Track Listing and Credits

  1.  Centerline ft. Popa Chubby (written by Albert Castiglia)

  2.  Get Down to the Nitty Gritty ft. Alabama Mike (written by Luther ‘Snake Boy’ Johnson)

  3.  Mama, I Love You ft. Kevin Burt (written by Albert Castiglia, Kevin Burt and Jerry Jemmott)

  4.  You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover ft. Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram & Rayne Castiglia (written by Willie Dixon)

  5.  All Our Past Times ft. Danielle Nicole & Joe Bonamassa (written by Richard Danko and Eric Clapton)

  6.  Till They Take It Away ft. Ally Venable( written by Albert Castiglia)

  7.  Come On In This House ft. Rick Estrin (written by Amos Blakemore)

  8.  You Were Wrong ft. Jimmy Carpenter (written by Arzell Hill)

  9.  The Dollar Done Fell ft. Josh Smith (written by Buddy Guy)

  10. No Tears Left to Cry ft. Gary Hoey  (written by Albert Castiglia)

  11. What My Mama Told Me ft. Rick Estrin & Monster Mike Welch (written by Amos Blakemore)



Albert Castiglia - Vocals and Guitar

Jerry Jemmott - Bass

Jim Pugh - Keyboards

Derrick D’Mar Martin - Drums

Kid Andersen - Guitar, Keys, and Bass

Lisa ‘Little Baby’ Andersen - Backing Vocals

Jon Otis - Percussion

Jack Sanford - Bari Sax

Eddie Tarczy - Harpsichord



Rayne Castiglia - Vocals

Joe Bonamassa - Guitar

Josh Smith - Guitar

Danielle Nicole - Vocals

Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram - Guitar

Popa Chubby - Guitar

Ally Venable - Guitar

Kevin Burt - Vocals

Monster Mike Welch - Guitar

Gary Hoey - Guitar

Rick Estrin - Harmonica

Jimmy Carpenter - Saxophone

Alabama Mike - Vocals


Recorded at Greaseland Studios in San Jose, CA

Executive Producer - Mike Zito

Producer & Engineer - Kid Andersen







I Got Love was produced by Gulf Coast Records guitarist and co-owner Mike Zito and features a stellar cast of musicians backing Albert Castiglia (guitar and vocals): Justine Tompkins (bass and vocals); Ephraim Lowell (drums and vocals) and

Lewis Stephens (Hammond B3 organ and piano).


The new album, which showcases 11 blistering, blues-drenched tracks, is a personal and powerful statement from Castiglia. “I Got Love is a musical essay documenting the last two years of my life: two years of many highs and lows,” Castiglia offers. “It’s about falling, failing, adapting, reinventing, surviving and becoming triumphant.

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