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I Got Love was produced by Gulf Coast Records guitarist and co-owner Mike Zito and features a stellar cast of musicians backing Albert Castiglia (guitar and vocals): Justine Tompkins (bass and vocals); Ephraim Lowell (drums and vocals) and

Lewis Stephens (Hammond B3 organ and piano).


The new album, which showcases 11 blistering, blues-drenched tracks, is a personal and powerful statement from Castiglia. “I Got Love is a musical essay documenting the last two years of my life: two years of many highs and lows,” Castiglia offers. “It’s about falling, failing, adapting, reinventing, surviving and becoming triumphant.

Tour News
BLOOD BROTHERS TOUR  - Tickets Now Available

Albert Castiglia and Mike Zito are teaming up for what promises to be one of the most exciting tours of the year, a string of dates in March and April dubbed The Blood Brothers Tour.

This high-energy tour will showcase each band (Mike Zito Band and Albert Castiglia Band) for a set and then will culminate with both bands together on stage, creating sound of classic Southern Rock, Blues and American Roots Music!

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